Monday, 1 April 2013

Chinese Online Dating, Long-Distance Relationships, and Making Your Chinese Woman Happy

You have finally found your ideal Chinese woman; you have met her in person and are certain that she is the woman you want to make your wife.  The next step would be to start the process of getting her to your home country or relocating yourself to China.  In the meantime and while she waits until the two of you can finally be together, what can you do to keep her happy, the love alive, and your relationship growing stronger everyday?

Taking the next big step in your relationship, being physically closer or marriage itself, would be a big financial undertaking, of course.  But keeping your Chinese woman happy need not make a big dent in your budget.  Simple but very thoughtful acts can go a long way toward making her feel warm and fuzzy inside, putting a spring to her step and a smile on her face all day, and reminding her that she is loved. 

Nowadays, people from all over the world can easily keep in touch with each other through mobile communications.  You can easily add international messaging to your cell phone plan or, if you can't afford to do this, there are online messaging tools that you can use through your phone to send your Chinese girlfriend/fiancĂ©e random, sweet messages a few times each day to let her know that you are thinking about her.  If you can afford it, you can give her a surprise call just to tell her you miss and love her, when you're not spending time together online.  You can even do this a few minutes or an hour after the two of you have gone offline to make the gesture sweeter. 

Of course, nowadays, if you both have smartphones or small tablets you carry around you can be online virtually 24/7, and use voip services like Skype or QQ for inexpensive and immediate messaging. These little efforts to stay in touch, especially when one or both of you have been very busy, are a great way to stay close despite the physical distance.

If you can fit it in your budget, you can send her flowers or chocolates, or both, to celebrate the first month after the two of you first met online or in person.  You can also do this even if there is nothing special to celebrate and simply to surprise her.  You do not need to give your woman extravagant gifts all the time to make her happy; she will appreciate unexpected, small, but sweet gifts just as much as (and sometimes even more than) she will expensive ones. 

You can be more creative and email her a funny photo of you holding a sign in a public place saying you love her/miss her; or post a photo like this or something similar, like a picture of something you saw that reminded you of her, on the dating site page where you first met her. You can simply post a link of a music video that expresses how you feel somewhere on the net and send her the link through email. 

Ask her out on a "virtual date."  Even with the time difference, through Skype or another video chatting application, you can have dinner/breakfast together online, while in your individual homes; you can have drinks or coffee together, just to change your video chatting routine.  Of course, the two of you would have to plan ahead for this.  Both of you can even prepare your meals at the same time, with your laptops and video cameras connecting the two of you as you work in your kitchens.  Or you can drive out to the beach or go to a park and share with her the beautiful view. 

Doing simple things like this is a remarkable way of creating precious moments and memories even while the two of you are physically apart, and of reminding each other just how great it would be when the two of you are finally together and can finally do everyday activities together. 

Share with her your smaller dreams of doing this or that thing as a couple.  Tell her about the places you want to visit with her, perhaps a new pastime you want to start when she's finally with you, or even a new dish you want to cook for her.  Describe to her and show her photos of your neighborhood which will soon be her home if she will be joining you in your home country; or ask her to do the same for you if you're the one relocating to her city in China.   

Small things can go a long way toward making the wait for both of you more bearable, and even enjoyable.  Discover tons of great information about online dating and cross-cultural and long-distance relationships on the blogs, magazine and forum of (the home of trusted Chinese dating), where international men and Chinese women share their life experiences and bare their souls to give you the real goods on all things Chinese.

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