Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Chinese Women Want Better Treatment

Why are so many Chinese women now looking for a foreign life mate?  A lot of these women are successful in their chosen careers and financially independent, so they have no need to marry a foreign man to get out of poverty.  Many women of China do not even want to leave their country because they have more opportunities and a brighter future in China than they would have in a foreign country, so they are also not after a foreign visa. 

Again, why do so many Chinese women flock to reputable Chinese dating sites to look for a foreign life mate?

These women are all very attractive, especially by foreign men's standards, but they often do not pass the standards of beauty held by the men in their society.  This might be a simple case of the grass being greener on the other side or the beauty being in the eye of the beholder.  Whatever the case, these women have become aware that they can get the appreciation they deserve from foreign men.  

Having higher goals in life, a successful career, and financial independence make any modern woman highly desirable as a life partner in most modern societies; not in China.  These women often suffer from rejections by the men in their society because traditional women who will play the traditional homemaker role are the ones sought after in the Chinese marriage market.  And then there is the issue of male dominance.  Foreign men, however, recognize the value of a hard-working woman, especially as a marriage partner. 

Many of the women on respectable Chinese dating sites are of a certain age bracket, specifically those who are over 27 years.  This is because Chinese women lose considerable "marriage value" every year past their 27th year that they are still single.  In Chinese society, the younger the woman, the better a choice for a wife she is.  What Chinese men fail to realize and/or acknowledge is that there is great value in the maturity that a woman can gain through many life experiences.  Foreign men do not have the same blind spot, fortunately. 

Plenty of Chinese ladies have now become aware, too, that they deserve much better treatment and appreciation from a man; more specifically, they deserve more than what they can get from a Chinese partner.  Chinese men often do not recognize the value of a woman beyond her traditional role as a homemaker. 

A lot of Chinese women nowadays complain that Chinese men do not know how to treat their woman well.  They do not know how to romance and take proper care of their lady by taking her out to dinner once in a while, giving her flowers and chocolates, and by being constantly sweet and thoughtful.  Most men of China do not even know how to please a woman in bed.  They are also selfish, expecting devotion and respect from their partner but finding it so easy to be unfaithful and disrespectful to them.

Of course, most selfish male partners are more or less the same no matter what culture they come from.  In China, however, such selfish attitudes are still the norm.  Fortunately for an increasing number of Chinese women, the realization has finally gotten through all the traditional trappings of their society that there are foreign men out there who find them very desirable as a life partner and who will give them the respect, attention, and love they deserve.

Just as these women have learned to aim for higher personal achievements, they have also learned to seek out a better future in marriage; and they know exactly where to find it.  

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