Saturday, 20 April 2013

Online Dating and Sex in Virtual Relationships

How important is sex to you?  Most men on a reputable dating website engage in online dating because they are sincerely looking for love and their ideal life partner.  For some of these men, sexual compatibility is an important factor when choosing a mate. 

For these men, women who are open to discussing sex, or even having sexual relations, online are those who, of course, make their short list.  Does this condition of determining sexual compatibility first make these men less serious and sincere about their intentions with women, when compared to other men for whom sexual compatibility is not a requirement?

It can be said that more emotionally mature men appreciate the fact that emotions, specifically love, play a big part in the sexual compatibility and a healthy sexual relationship between two people.  These men have experienced how so much better sex can be when it is with a woman that they truly love and who truly loves them back.  These men believe that when they find real love, sexual compatibility will be a given.  After all, truly loving someone means wanting to please them and make them happy in every way, which includes satisfying their sexual needs.

In such cases, the love between two people can be strong enough that the sexual yearning of one for the other becomes contagious and the goal of mutual satisfaction makes the sex great. 

It can also be pointed out that many good relationships, wherein real love existed between the people involved, have also ended because one of the parties was unfaithful; the unfaithfulness is often the result of sexual dissatisfaction.  Other times, the unfaithful party simply could not resist the temptation which, one can argue, still points to not being happy enough with his/her partner sexually; if he/she were, then he/she would not be so easily tempted, after all. 

In such cases, it may be that the love was not strong enough to create the kind of physical intimacy that will "motivate" one to want to please his/her partner and prevent the other from straying.  It is also possible that one's selfish needs were stronger than their love for their partner.  Then, perhaps, the love they shared was not yet the "real" one. 

Men, dating online and searching for love and their ideal mate, who define their ideal mate as also a woman with whom they are sexually compatible are not always less sincere and serious about wanting to be in a long-term committed relationship; it is likely that some of them simply have not had the experience of how incomparably great sex can be when unadulterated love is also present.  These men are not guilty of being shallow or selfish, but only a lack of that defining experience. 

Of course, if they find women to whom their relationship requirements are acceptable and who are open to discussing sex online and/or having sexual relations online, then there may be no harm done.  As long as these men are honest about their intentions, as long as they do not make false promises to the women, and as long as the women are on the same page as their "partners" with regards to the expectations in the "relationship, then there will be very little risk of one of the parties being hurt.

Online dating and relationships are also about finding people with like minds, and similar attitudes toward sex can bring people together as well as similar dreams about love also can; whether good sex comes from good love or the other way around, as long as there is adequate understanding and respect between two people, a healthy online relationship can still be had.   

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