Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dating Men Who are Older. Chinese Women Should Not Count Them Out

For sure, many young, Chinese ladies on dating sites seeking a foreign partner have already had their fair share of creepy, old men with an Asian fetish propositioning them.  And then there are those young, single females who simply have a maximum age limit when it comes to dating older guys.  In any case, there are plenty of good reasons why the lovely, twenty-something ladies of China should not completely write off middle-aged men as potential mates.

All Chinese women, regardless of their age, want stability in a marriage (in fact, all women, regardless of their cultural origins, desire the same).  It’s not being materialistic; it’s being realistic.  Chinese women, especially, only date a man who they think has the ability to be a good provider.  This is because Chinese women only date the man they want to marry and to be the father of their child.  And it only makes good sense to choose a husband with the means to provide his family with a secure future, right?

Middle-aged men certainly fit the bill.  At their age, most of these men already have long-standing careers and are financially stable; additionally, most of them already own a home (maybe even a cabin in the mountains).  In other words, they are all set up to have a family.  Of course, a Chinese woman must also make sure that these men have the same priorities that they do, family-wise.

Having achieved financial and career stability most certainly demonstrates that these men are hardworking and determined.  The fact that they are also looking to settle down also shows that a big part of their motivation to have stability and to succeed is because they, themselves, want to be able to provide their future family with a good life. 

Given their experiences, particularly with relationships and maybe even a marriage or two, men of a certain age have already reached emotional and intellectual maturity.  It is a known fact that women mature at a younger age than men do.  So a pairing between a younger Chinese woman and an older foreign man makes good sense. 

Given that cross-cultural relationships are rife with challenges, a Chinese lady can also be sure that their older partner has the confidence, the willingness, and the determination to weather the storms with her.  She does not have to worry that he might just up and leave when times get tough, as some younger and immature foreign men are wont to do.  Older men do not easily give up; they know the value of a good relationship and a good woman, and they will fight to keep these. 

A young lady of China also does not have to worry that an older man will be less accepting of new ideas because he is more set in his ways.  The mere fact that these foreign men have set their hearts on having a Chinese wife shows that they are open-minded, that they are not only interested in a culture different from their own; they also have a deep admiration and respect for it.  In fact, many of these men are even willing to make compromises and to adopt some of their Chinese wife’s views and values. 

Lastly, young Chinese women need not fear that because an older man wants or does not mind being with a much younger partner, this means that he is only after a young catch and will most likely keep going after young ladies, especially when his mate starts to show signs of getting old. 

The fact is, many middle-aged men who have a history of being in one or two long-term relationships and/or have been married in the past already know what they are looking for in a partner and what they want in a marriage.  This means that when they make a decision with regards to the selection of a mate and to getting married, they make this decision with 100 percent certainty that they have found what they are looking for.  There is no doubt that they will work hard to nurture it and keep it.  And at their age, these men really have no more desire to keep starting over.So when they make the commitment to marry a Chinese woman, it really is for better or worse. 

For these reasons and many more, twenty-something Chinese ladies who desire a foreign partner only have a lot to gain by being with an older, and more experienced and mature man.  They would be wise to start seeing them as potential life partners, rather than just father figures or creepy, old men. 

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