Monday, 20 May 2013

Finding Your “Ideal” Chinese Woman

What is your “ideal” Chinese woman?  Does she have to have certain physical features?  Are you looking for certain traditional attributes?  Or is your “ideal” Chinese woman simply someone who accepts and loves you for who you are?

If you have already been around the relationship, and even marriage, block a few times, then you probably know (in fact, you should already know) that having an “ideal” woman and/or relationship is not all it’s cracked up to be; and finding one or both is nearly never easy. 

But you are on a Chinese dating site because you want to actively look for your Ms. Right, and for love.  And being on a matchmaking site, you cannot simply pay for membership, create a profile, sit back and relax, and wait for love to magically happen and for Ms. Right to come and find you.

 Your fingers and brain will have to do some real work, and you have to be committed to the task if you are going to find your ideal Chinese woman

First things first, make sure you have realistic expectations of Chinese women.  If you still assume that all Chinese women are of the traditional variety, then you will have to brush up on your knowledge of not only the women in China, but current Chinese society, as well.  There are innumerable excellent resources online from which you can learn as much as you need to about China and its society and women, both past and present.    

If you are serious about finding a Chinese wife, you do have to have a healthy interest in and appreciation of Chinese society and culture.  If you have an “ideal” Chinese woman in mind, your expectations should, at least, be based on reality.  

In line with this first step, you have to realize that whether they are traditional or modern, China’s daughters are molded by their history, culture, and the modern changes that they have been exposed to recently.  No doubt, there are still very traditional, single, Chinese ladies out there, but a lot of them will have been influenced in varying degrees by the many modern changes that current Chinese society has been undergoing.  On the other end of the spectrum, modern Chinese women will still possess many of the traditional traits that have always defined the traditional daughters of China. 

Just based on these valuable bits of knowledge about the women of China, you will be able to determine what traits you are looking for in your “ideal” Chinese woman, as well as be able to define your “ideal relationship.”  You will also have a better understanding of what kind of man Chinese women are looking for; after all, they also have standards when choosing a husband.  From this understanding, you will be able to know if you meet these standards and, if not, whether or not you have the ability to become the suitable mate a Chinese woman needs.     

The more you understand the women of China, the better you will be at handling the difficulties that often come with trying to find a potential partner outside your comfort zone, i.e. your own culture, as well as the difficulties involved when you are finally actively dating. 

You will find yourself in a lot of complex situations and you will encounter many new ideas and attitudes that may go against yours or which you may simply find hard to accept and understand.  But if you spent the time and made the effort to learn as much as you can about China, these complex situations and new ideas and attitudes will not catch you off-guard and will be easy to maneuver around. 

Chinese dating can be an exciting and fulfilling experience and, while finding your ideal Chinese woman may take some time and a lot of work, you can make it easier on yourself by being well prepared.  

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