Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Chinese Dating: Protect Yourself With Common Sense

We are all fools for love.  Sooner or later, it happens even to the most cautious, or the smartest of us.  Not even the most honest ones and those with the best of intentions are safe.  As they saying goes, “All is fair in love and war.”  When it comes to Chinese dating, a lot of foreign men – adult men with plenty of worldly experiences and who have dealt with and survived many of the harsh realities of life and love – can still fall prey to scammers and frauds.  Perhaps it is easier said than done, but good, old-fashioned common sense is the only thing one needs, most of the time, to avoid heartache and getting scammed.

Oftentimes, these are men who firmly believe that it is a Chinese woman that will make an honest man out of them.  These men have their hearts set on having a Chinese wife; they know their love is meant for a Chinese woman.  Sometimes, they easily fall victim to ill-intentioned characters because they are so eager to make their dreams come true that they ignore the warning signs. 

A man does not only have to rely on his gut instinct to figure out if a “woman” he’s been communicating with is honest or real.  There are simple precautionary steps or tests of honesty that he can take/use to protect himself from scammers/frauds and to ascertain another person’s true intentions.

Common sense and due diligence. 

A man can be a hopeless romantic and he can be full of hope that his Chinese love is just waiting for him to sweep her off her feet and ride off with her into the sunset.  At the same time, he must also be smart about how he sets out on his quest for love and his ideal Chinese wife. 

Chinese online dating is, without question, a very effective means to reaching his goal of marrying a Chinese woman.  But first, he must know how to choose a reputable and well respected matchmaking site to join. 

He must practice due diligence and spend as much time as needed doing online research.  Before he can start choosing a potential partner, he must first choose a good site that will suit his purposes.  Choosing the right site is critical to the success of his quest; he can be sure that he will only meet real and honest women of China who are also searching for love and an ideal husband and he can be sure that he will be well taken care of as a valued member of a real community.

Through proper research, he will also be able to eliminate scam sites and even those that are legitimate but are still prone to scammers.  On Google, he can use the keyword “scam Chinese dating sites” to get a list of matchmaking websites that he should avoid.  He should take the time to read forums and blogs to get a feel of the Chinese dating sites that come up on the search results and effectively weed out the suspicious and outright fraudulent ones from those that have the best reputation.

He can also use the name of any matchmaking site and add the word “scam” when doing a search on Google to make sure if it is reliable or not. 

Common sense and prudence.

Even after he has found a respectable matchmaking site, he must still practice prudence and watch out for scammers, liars, and cheaters.  After all, these characters have ways and means of slipping into even the most secure sites.  The easiest and most effective way of avoiding deception is to request a video chat from the woman he may want to pursue further communication with.

Photos, obviously, are not 100 percent fool proof.  Any one can post fake or old photographs.  When you early for a video chat early enough, you can ensure that the woman you are talking to is really who she says she is. 

Of course, he must also practice tact when making such a request; a lot of Chinese women have also fallen victim to players, sexual predators, and scammers.  A straightforward approach may not always work; he may need to get creative.     

To start with, here are the top three scam sites to avoid: Chnlove.com, also operating as ChineseWomenDate.com; AsianBeauties.com, also operating as DatingChinaWomen.com; and  AForeignAffair.com, also operating as LoveMe.com.  Search these sites on Google and find out the truth about their lies.  For more information about scam sites, check out this blog: http://www.chinalovematch.net/magazineArticle.aspx?id=245.

It is always better safe than sorry.  With simple common sense, one can have a fulfilling Chinese dating experience and be on his way to realizing his dreams.  Discover tons of great information about Chinese women and Chinese dating on the blogs, magazine and forum of ChinaLoveMatch.net (the home of safe Chinese dating), where international men and Chinese women share their life experiences and bare their souls to give you the real goods on all things Chinese.

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