Friday, 9 May 2014

The Sights and Sounds of China You’ll Have to Live With While Dating Chinese Women

Living in a city in China, in many ways, is now a lot like living in any modern city in the world: the towering skyscrapers; the luxury stores; international cuisine; international fast food names; the traffic; the busy night life. At the same time, a Chinese city also offers a unique blend of sights and sounds that will constantly remind a foreigner dating Chinese women that he is, indeed, in a foreign country.

A foreign man who is actively dating Chinese women with the serious intention of finding a Chinese wife must learn to tolerate and live with these uniquely Chinese “sensual” stimulations, which have the tendency to quickly get under his skin!

Street Sounds. There is no escaping the sounds of traffic when you live in a city. In China, these sounds, however, are magnified a thousandfold, and that is no exaggeration. The sudden increase in spending potential of the Chinese has resulted in the increase of car ownership in the country, among many other things. Being first-generation drivers, and with traffic rules and regulations not being strictly enforced, the sounds of screeching tires, revving engines, sudden brakes, blaring car horns, and screaming drivers form a cacophonous assault on the ears. It’s no wonder the Chinese shout a lot when they talk to each other!

Blasting Music. This is the sort of noise one encounters every now and then from a passing car, from the neighbor’s kids’ party, or from teenagers/young adults breakdancing in the street. In China, this is a regular morning routine for old ladies doing their tai’chi in the park; for school children screaming their anthem; and/or from business establishments that kick off each business day with a dance from the employees followed by a pep talk. You won’t ever have a need for an alarm clock when you’re living in China.

Hawking Mucus. This is one of those Chinese practices that is disgusting to both hear and see. Chinese men, in particular, just can’t and won’t keep their spit in because the Chinese believe doing so is unhealthy. But what’s amazing and, at the same time, so gross about this habit is how they always have to make that hacking sound before jettisoning the thick glob of spit on the pavement, the floor of a bus/train, or even the floor of a restaurant! And as much as you wouldn’t want to see it, you will have to always be on the lookout for it, or you’ll end up stepping on it!

Happy Tummy Sounds. Eating out will definitely be a big part of your Chinese dating experience; but a very romantic dinner with your special Chinese lady can be ruined in an instant by the sounds of slurping, smacking, and burping at the other table. These behaviors while eating are actually acceptable in China; in fact, they are the highest form of compliment one can give to the cook/chef/host. Well, if it doesn’t bother your date, just try your hardest not to break that magical eye contact.

Not-so-cute Sajiao. If you’re “lucky,” you will only hear and see this typical, female Chinese behavior from a distance, and not experience it firsthand. Sajiao is supposed to be sweet and cute because, apparently, Chinese boyfriends/husbands find baby talk, foot stomping, pouting, and whining sweet and cute. Amazingly, it works like a charm and supposedly melts the heart of Chinese boyfriends/husbands. Most Chinese women have broken well away from the practice of Sajiao, others have fined tuned it to such an art that it actually is endearing, but some just think they’re cute when in fact they are incredibly annoying. This latter bunch is probably one that you’d want to be on the lookout for and to avoid while you’re still in the general Chinese dating mode, as opposed to having narrowed it down to that one special Chinese lady!

When you’re having one of those days when China life just seems so overwhelming and irritating, because you were woken up too early again by the music from the park, were nearly run over while walking in a crosswalk with the walk signal on the way to work, and had a gooey gob of spit land on your just polished shoes, don’t let these things ruin your experience of dating Chinese women, especially when you have a very special date with a very special Chinese femme fatale to look forward to that evening or later in the week!

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