Thursday, 14 March 2013

Chinese Online Dating: You Can Have Your Virtual Cake and Eat It, Too

How committed are you to finding a Chinese wife through Chinese online dating?  Do you know enough of the culture, language, and women of China to make your dreams come true?  Are you willing to put in the time and the effort needed to make a cross-cultural relationship work?  These are all important questions you should be asking yourself if you are serious about pursuing this dream. </p>

Here are more questions you need to honestly consider:  Is your virtual dream realistic?  If it is, have you formulated a plan on how to mold this virtual dream and breathe life into it and the means to put your plan into action?  </p>

Commitment.  The reasons why one decides that a China lady is the ideal life partner vary from person to person.  Employing a Chinese online dating site as a means to this end is, usually, the most practical and effective one.  Some men have simply figured out that women from their own culture do not suit their needs and expectations; others simply have a great admiration for the traits that Chinese women possess and/or the culture of China and China as a country, in general.  These factors, separately or in combination, should be enough to fuel your desire to make your dreams come true.  Your level of commitment must be high enough to keep you keeping on despite the difficulties of finding a potential partner and, when you do, to make the relationship work.</p>

Disposition.  You have to be willing, perhaps even enthusiastic, to learn as much as you can about China, its culture, language, people, and women in particular.  Understanding and accepting the differences between you and a woman from your own culture is one thing; doing the same for the purposes of being successful in finding a potential China wife AND ensuring the future of the cross-cultural relationship is another.  Read as much as you can about about the history and culture of China and talk to a Chinese lady friend about things you find most interesting; keep abreast of the current issues in the Middle Kingdom, particularly those that directly affect Chinese women, and ask your friend what her thoughts are about some of these issues; learn at least the most basic Chinese words and phrases and use them when communicating online with a China lady.  Even if you don’t have the means and/or intention of visiting or moving to China, you can still get a real feel for Chinese culture and society by simply engaging in small talks or having real discussions about aspects of China that interest you with your Chinese lady friends.  Just remember to be very flexible and open to a completely different way of life and thinking.</p>

Attitude.  You have to have realistic expectations and goals short-term and long-term goals, at least those that are within your means.  They must also be based on your actual knowledge of China and its women so all the decisions and plans you will be making will be based on good information.  You need to formulate an appropriate plan of action to turn your dreams into reality.  With realistic expectations and goals and a good plan of action in place, you can then start making preparations to set your plan in motion.  Find a reputable Chinese dating site to avoid wasting your time, effort, and money on scammers and ensure that you will only be meeting China ladies who share your dreams.  Start saving up for a trip to China if this is part of your plans.  If you are hoping to move to China as part of the process, then look for job opportunities in the People's Republic and send out applications so you can enjoy a real-life experience of its culture and to increase your opportunities of meeting a potential China wife.  Figure out if you want to permanently live in China with your wife or if you want to go back to your home country, do your research regarding both options, and plan accordingly. </p>

Honesty.  It is important that you are honest with yourself and the woman you would consider a potential life partner about your expectations and desires.  As with any relationship, honesty is the cornerstone on which mutual trust, respect, and love are built.  In a cross-cultural relationship, especially when it starts through online dating, it can already be difficult gauging another person's sincerity and intentions; honesty and trust become even more valuable assets in such a relationship.   </p>
There are numerous single Chinese women who share your desire of finding love and a lifetime partner through online dating.  The quest may be difficult and seem daunting at times, but the love and happiness at the end of it will be worth everything you put into making your dream, and a China lady's dream, come true. 
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